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Welcome to Frusirnag Frusirnag - FSN organic skincare & supplements from Taiwan

  • Taiwan's Superfoods for optimal health and skin radiance from the inside out

    We harness the power of nature with sustainable practices to bring high-quality products to you from Taiwan. You’ll know exactly what you’re putting in your body – and on it. Our formulas use superfood plant power from Black Pearl Wax Apple, Dragon Fruit, and Red Algae to help you and reclaim your vitality, immunity, and internal radiance.

Our supplements and skin care products are designed with nutrient-dense, organic ingredients harvested from sustainable farms in Taiwan so you know exactly what you're getting.

Plant based

The Frusirnag Difference

We use patented technology to extract nature's most powerful antioxidants from organic plants. Our unique and sustainable farm-to-bottle process is at the core of every product we make from supplements to skincare, each one designed to rejuvenate your health and beauty.

Taiwan's Best Kept Secret

At Frusirnag, we use the centuries-old wisdom of plants to create our powerful formulas. At the heart of our line is the nutrient-packed Black Pearl Wax Apple - a scientifically researched fruit native to Taiwan. Dragon Fruit and Red Marine Algae supply additional active phytonutrients and antioxidants.

From Farm to Bottle

We know exactly where our nutrients come from. Frusirnag is the only company in the world that grows, cultivates, harvests, and extracts the nutrients that go directly into the finished products. We work alongside Taiwanese farmers and use the highest quality agricultural practices to produce our key ingredients - the Black Pearl Wax Apple.

Patented Antioxidant Extraction Technology

Frusirnag extracts the most powerful antioxidants from deep inside the Black Pearl Wax Apple using patented technology used by world-class aerospace companies.

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