Farm-to-Bottle Innovation

We are representing a paradigm shift in the Taiwanese health and beauty industry. We are the country's first farm-to-bottle brand, offering traceable and single-origin products that capture the essence of natural rejuvenation. Our team meticulously oversees every step of the process, from sustainable and organic farming practices to meticulous production.

Farmers harvesting red seaweed

Partnering for Excellence Responsibly

We collaborate with local farmers' associations to ensure the highest standards are met. Through rigorous selection processes and ongoing inspections, we promote the adoption of organic, fair and sustainable practices. Frusirnag's mission is to empower individuals to cultivate healthy skin and overall well-being, drawing inspiration from Eastern preventative health philosophies.

clean beauty with black pearl wax apple from taiwan

Clean Beauty Defined

Guided by the belief that prevention is key, Frusirnag products are formulated with natural, clean, and scientifically-validated ingredients. Embracing the "clean beauty" ethos, we believe in the inherent potency of pure, earth-derived ingredients, free from unnecessary chemicals.

Beyond Borders, Beyond Beauty

We strive to transcend geographical boundaries, showcasing Taiwan's forward-thinking and sustainable agricultural practices. Our beautiful island boasts an abundance of organic superfoods brimming with antioxidants and nutrients that promote both inner health and outer radiance.

Join us and discover the power of nature, harnessed for optimal health and beauty.

Experience Nature's Best

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower people to take care of their skin and health with the most organic, clean ingredients based on Eastern health and beauty practices centered around prevention:  “A healthy lifestyle must be maintained daily, not only begun after problems have started.”

Only natural, clean, and pure products can nourish the skin and body to help you maintain complete health and vitality. To us, clean beauty means clean and simple. This means using ingredients from the earth, cultivated without chemicals, and with the most potency possible. 


Jordan Chiang

Founder & CEO, Yuen Diing Enterprise Inc.