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6 products

Our Farm-to-Bottle Ingredients


    Black Pearl Wax Apple

    Hailing from the sun-kissed shores of Pingtung, Taiwan, the Black Pearl Wax Apple is a culinary delight and a nutritional powerhouse. Cultivated under strict quality control measures, this exotic fruit boasts an impressive array of health benefits that have captivated consumers worldwide.

    Health Benefits of Wax Apples

    Dragon Fruit

    Emerging from the fertile lands of Yunlin, Taiwan, the Dragon Fruit is a captivating tropical wonder that delights the palate and also nourishes the body with an abundance of essential nutrients. Cultivated in harmony with nature's principles, our exotic fruits are grown without the use of harmful chemicals.

    Health Benefits of Dragon Fruits

    Red Algae

    From the pristine waters of Dapeng Bay in Pingtung, Taiwan, Dragon's Whiskers (Red Algae), as they are called in Taiwan, is a marine botanical prized for its exceptional quality, consistent yield, and zero-pollution cultivation practices. Its rich nutritional profile offers a wealth of health benefits.

    Health Benefits of Red Algae

Our Guarantees

  • Experience the Power of Nature

    We source only the highest quality, natural organic ingredients, all responsibly traced from farm to you. Responsibly sourced from farm to bottle.

  • Kindness to Skin & Animals

    We believe in beauty without compromise. Our skincare and supplements are cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified, ensuring no animal testing is involved.

  • Trusted Quality & Safety

    Our products are FDA-registered and manufactured following strict ISO standards (22716 & 22000) for quality and safety. We offer worry-free skincare and supplements.